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    1. Duplex SlitterJorson's duplex splitter is specifically designed for canned food factories and empty can manufacturing plants. It is also suitable for slitting sheet metal into similar sizes for other industries, and can meet the demanding requirements of a high-speed resistance welding machine.
    1. Metal Can WelderOur welder has an advanced programmable terminal and can achieve comprehensive monitoring on the device and dynamic screen display. With an expandable Ethernet communication system, this metal welder can have uninterrupted remote online control.
    1. Side Stripe Powder Coating SystemOur lacquer and coating system features outstanding performances and requires very little maintenance. It is equipped with quick connectors, built-in valves, a ceramic filtration system, and a user-friendly operation interface.
    1. Curing SystemOur curing system effectively achieves power saving technology, control of the magnetic field’s direction, reduction of the external magnetic field’s radiation, as well as quick and uniform heating. The aluminum sealed enclosure effectively reduces the electric field’s radiation
    1. Empty Can Conveyor SystemThe can conveyor system conveys the empty can from the curing system to the combination machine. Our empty can conveyor comes with appropriate shapes according to the requirements set by your factory layout.
    1. Combination MachineOur combination machine can operate at low speeds when there is no metal can, and with its intelligent protection system, it can automatically shut down when metal can accumulate or it detects cans with no tops or bottoms.
    1. Can Leak Tester The voltage is generated by the vacuum degree and drives the PLC to generate data.
      The metal can leak tester has a set of dictators installed at the entrance gate, which ensures that testing will not occur when there is no can.
    1. Empty Can Palletizer The empty can palletizer easily replaces the manual palletizing of cans, effectively saving manpower and improving production efficiency.
      This machine utilizes a programmable computer system to improve the accuracy of the mechanical movement, facilitating operations.
    1. Square Can Production LineSquare can production line allows a max. working speed of 80 cans per minute and an average working speed of 60 cans per minutes. The production line integrates multiple manufacturing procedures together, including dual-die forming...
    1. Tinplate Pail Spot Welding MachineTinplate pail spot welding machine is one of the single-channel fully-auto dual-head spot welding machines with an output of 60CPM. It adopts weld seam locater, and cams for transmission and conveying system, as well as mechanical coating penetration device, which makes the welding more accurate and more stable. It can be perfectly coupled with fully-auto tinplate pail production line, making the production process safe, smooth and efficient.
    1. Plastic Handle Forming Welding MachinePlastic handle forming welding machine combines plastic handle punching, pail ear punching and ear welding together, carving a reputation as pioneers in plastic handle production field. Meanwhile, rivet-like ear and plastic strip, components for pail handles, are punched and welded directly in this machine, which leads to decreased material cost and labor cost.
  • 2-Piece Can Production Line

    Our 2-piece can production line consists of two gantry style CNC presses, which when working together, can complete three technological processes. The CNC-CI-L model metal ...

    1. Rumbling MachineOur rumbling machine is a piece of corollary equipment for an aluminum can production line, used for stirring the aluminum wafer with a release agent. The blending machine allows the aluminum sheet to be smoothly punched.
    1. Extrusion PressOur aluminum extruder generates aluminum wafers and features automatic feeding and stopping, as well as PLC control. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine.
    1. Trimming MachineOur trim machine generates qualified aluminum cans and features automatic feeding, stop and PLC control. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine. Our metal trimming machine can automatically load and unload cans, and will stop operating when there are no cans to be polished.
    1. Washing MachineOur XR03 washing machine is a piece of washing equipment that has an advanced PCL frequency control and is easy to operate, runs smoothly, and has an integral technological process.
    1. Accumulator ConveyorProduction Rate: 120 cans /minute
      Applicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: φ35- φ53mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: ≤230mm
      Max. Quantity of Accumulation: 1800 cans
    1. Internal Spray Coating MachineOur aluminum can internal coating machine is specially designed to meet hygiene requirements and an acid/base corrosion resistance. It can generate a layer of coating material to line the inner wall of the aluminum can to effectively isolate the aluminum from the contents of the can.
    1. Curing OvenThe curing oven is used to dry and solidify the coating liquid on the internal wall of the aluminum can with a high temperature. Our drying oven uses automatic temperature control technology and has a stable temperature.
    1. Base Printing MachineThis aluminum can printing machine has PLC control and features easy adjustment and a fast adjustment speed. This printing press can automatically load and unload cans, and will stop printing when defective metal cans are detected, or there are no aluminum cans to be printed.
    1. Six Color Printing MachineApplicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: φ11mm-φ38mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: 55mm-175mm
      Specific Requirements of Attached Devices
      Diameter of Core Rod: 12.25±0.02mm
    1. Varnishing MachineApplicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: Ø16 – Ø25 mm, Ø25 – Ø35 mm, Ø35 – Ø53 mm, Ø45 – Ø66 mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: L=75-150 mm, L=110-180 mm, L=90-230 mm, L=110-250 mm
    1. Drying OvenApplicable diameter of can: φ35-φ59mm
      Applicable length of can: ≤230mm
      Drying temperature:200°C
    1. Necking MachineOur necking machine vertically delivers metal cans and is used for aerosol necking, flanging, and both bottom and top seaming. Our electrical system is controlled using a Mitsubishi PLC control system.
    1. CNC PressOur CNC press can be installed with 2 to 7 molds and stamps quickly, can prevent double sheets, overload and stacking, making it comparable to similar products on an international level.
    1. Curling MachineOur curling machine is used to curl metal can ends that have been processed via automatic or semi-automatic stamping machine. It is a kind of can end processing equipment that have the corresponding internal model changed to adapt to different metal can lids.
    1. Lining MachineOur automatic lining machine contains the curing equipment and is applicable to a variety of metal can end just by changing a few components. This can end liner is installed with PLC controls and all technical parameters meet advanced Chinese levels.
    1. Foil Assembling MachineThis machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices. Because of this, it not only features a quick mold changeover and low maintenance, it can also provide secure operation.
      This machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices.
    1. Punching PressOur punching press is ideal for shearing, punching, blanking, bending and drawing on irregularly shaped metal cans. We provide punching presses designed to meet your requirements.
    1. Lock SeamerDistance between the front and the rear end faces of the cross bore on the working table (mm): 320
      Diameter of the Cross Bore on the Working (Front × Rear) (mm): 95×88
      Slide Size (Font to Rear × Right to Left): 130×120
    1. Seaming MachineDiameter of Round Fancy Can : 50-260mm
      Diagonal of Irregular Fancy Can: 50-200mm
      Height of Fancy Can : ≤350mm
    1. Coil Cutting Line

      Our coil cutting line is suitable for the high precision printing of the tin plate or aluminum sheet. This can production line consists of a turning machine, feeding trolley, uncoiling machine, appearance viewing mirror ...

    1. Scroll ShearThis sheet metal shearing machine is essential equipment for can printing and coating, and the can lid making industry. Our scroll shear is capable of effectively reducing consumption levels of tin plates and aluminum sheets, as well as reducing production costs.
    1. Double Seam Projector Our double seam projector achieves digital processing on the metal can body’s seam structure and displays that data on screen, speeding up the detection process carried out by the technical operating procedures.
    1. Easy-open Can Pressure-Proof TesterThis beverage can buckle tester uses a cylinder to tightly lock the easy open can end, and is reliable and easy to operate. Our buckle tester can also avoid loose sealing caused by manual operations.
    1. Can Body CutterThis beverage can cutter is equipped with protective devices in order to prevent operator injuries. It feature an adjustable V-shaped sliding plate, which facilitates corner cutting on square cans.
    1. Vacuum Tester for Metal CanOur ZJQ-1 vacuum tester is used for testing the vacuum degree in materials that require vacuum packaging, such as metal cans. This machine uses a destructive spot check in its detection process.
    1. Vacuum Leak DetectorAs it is capable of performing damage-free, leak proof tests, our vacuum leak indicator is a scientific and reliable choice. This metal can test equipment is usually used for filled cans, such as canned food, canned milk powder, and canned seasonings.
    1. Digital Height GaugeMax. Diameter of Cans: ≤160mm
      Max. Can Height: ≤300mm
      Accuracy: ±0.02mm
      Resolution of Reading: 0.01mm
    1. Paint Adhesion TesterOur paint film adhesion tester traces the round locus to measure the adhesive force.
      Tracing Diameter: 0-10.5mm
      Stroke: 80mm
      Tracing Pitch: 1.5mm
    1. Paint Impact TesterScale Length: 0-50cm
      Scale Division: 1cm
      Heavy Punch: Weight:1,000g; having a flexible hook; the heavy punch’s weight can be changed by adding or reducing the lead shot in its body
  • Welding Machine Parts

    This precision welding roller with mercury is manufactured from European copper material, aircraft bearing, American sealing material, interior wall composite plating and special electric brush material.

  • Conveyor PartsWe can also provide custom conveyor spare parts.
    These conveyor parts are all important to our conveyor system, keeping the conveying process safe and efficient.
    1. Easy Open EndsOur Y202 easy-open ends are manufactured by the dedicated easy-open end production line imported from the US, which ensures that our easy-open can lid has ensured quality and stability. The engraved spray paint and electrophoresis spray paint maximally
    1. Aerosol Can End (Top and Bottom)Thickness: 0.28
      Tin Coating : 2.8/2.8 g/m2
      Hardness: T2.5-T3 BA
    1. Twist-Off CapThis bottle cap is coated both internally and externally, and the inside is padded with a PVC sealant.
      The twist off cap is applicable for different treatments, including hot filling, cooling, pasteurization, and cooking.
  • Coatings and VarnishesBasis: modified polyester and amino resin; general gold lacquer; flexible, deep-drawn, good adhesion to metal substrates, having been used in tin-printing coating area for over 10 years.
    Basis: modified epoxy resin; general gold lacquer; high hardness.