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Printing and Coating Equipment

    1. Tinplate Laminating LineWe use a hot melting compound technology in our tinplate laminating line to allow it to leave blanks and a wide degree of adaptability. Our laminating machine can also be used with thermal energy.
    1. Printing MachineWith a spraying treatment, the surfaces of the printing roller and the rubber roller have enhanced corrosion resistance. The embossing roller’s surface is also specially treated to have a strengthened hardness rate, and better corrosion resistance.
    1. Coating MachineOur coating machine has a dual scarper system that is coordinated with a lubrication device, which ensures there are no residual materials on the pressure roller. The assembly and disassembly of the scrapers is completed on the operating side
    1. Turning MachineWith its reasonable structure and convenient operation, our turning machine can provide stable and reliable machining processes, and is guaranteed to never scratch the sheet metal during or after turning.
    1. Drying Oven for Printed TinplateOur drying ovens specialize in printing, coating, drying cooling, unloading and collecting sheet metal for can manufacturing.
      Our tin plate drying oven can be heated using city gas, natural gas
    1. UV Curing OvenOur durable UV curing oven features a stable temperature rising rate and excellent curing performances. As it’s capable of saving production costs and improving productivity, our UV drying oven is great for replacing a traditional curing oven.
    1. Electrostatic WaxerOur electrostatic waxer machine will automatically stop when there is uncovered cans to be processed.
      Tinplate coil waxer applicable to thicker thickness is customizable.
      Production rate:70m/min (the highest rate is customizable)
    1. Tinplate Washing MachineDimension (L×W×H): 1,625×1,590×970mm
      Dimension with package (L×W×H): 1,750×1,950×1,300mm
      Gross weight: 1,200Kg
      Max. Sheet width: 1,030mm

We sell a variety of printing and coating equipment, including tinplate laminating lines, turning machines, drying ovens, UV curing oven, waxing machine, misprinted tin plate washing machines and more. We can also provide customized metal can processing equipment according to your specific needs.