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Square Can Production Line

YHZD Automatic Type

This production line is applicable for 18 and 20 liter square metal can bodies. With its fully automatic production, this metal can production equipment is able to produce 30 cans per minute. Our square can production line is one of the most advanced domestic can making equipment, and is suitable for mass production of square metal cans.

1. Our can making machinery uses a mechanical cam drive to deliver and hold cans.
2. Speed is continuously adjustable.
3. Our square can production line is equipped with protection devices to avoid cans getting stuck, making the production process safe and smooth.
4. The wheel flanging process inside and outside groove guarantees a fast and uniform flanging, while still ensuring cans' seaming quality.

Technological Process
Vertical delivery of the can → Seeking seam welding → Expanding and molding → Stamping and molding → Top flanging → U-turn → Bottom flange → Bottom pre-seaming → Bottom seaming → U-turn → Top pre-seaming → Top seaming

Technical Parameters
Applicable Range 18L/20LRound Can, Chemical Can, Grease Can, Big Square Can, etc
Total Weight (Approx.) 19T
Dimension 19,000×1,680×2,912mm
Production Rate 30 cans/ minute/
Applicable Hardness of Tinplate T2, T2.5, T3 and part of T4
Applicable Thickness of Material 0.25-0.35mm
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