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Can Leak Tester

ST-B7C (L) Automatic Upright Type

Our leak tester uses a vacuum/negative pressure system to test empty cans.

1. Our leak testing equipment uses two detectors on the inlet and outlet to measure the negative pressure value.
2. The voltage is generated by the vacuum degree and drives the PLC to generate data.
3. The metal can leak tester has a set of dictators installed at the entrance gate, which ensures that testing will not occur when there is no can.
4. Our leak detector actively drags cans to avoid can collision or falling into the wagon. Failed cans automatically get ejected by high pressure air.

Technical Parameters
Machine Type ST-B7C ST-B7CL
Number of Testing Head 40 20
Suitable Diameter of Can 202D-401D 401D-603D
Suitable Height of Can 48-180mm 80-200mm
Production Rate Up to 500 cans/min Up to 150 cans/min
Vacuum Pressure 450mbar 400mbar
Required Power 5KW
Required Amount of Compressed Air 100L /min AT 6 BAR
Accuracy Up to0.10mm
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