Spot Welder

YDH-Z (G) Automatic High Speed Welder

Your YDH-Z (G) automatic high speed spot welder is mainly used on the automatic round metal can production line. With a production of 30 metal cans per minute, our spot welding machine has the most advanced performance in the industry. Our tinplate pail ear welder can produce tin cans with different sizes, via an automatic replacing feed device and adjusting the production range.

Technical Parameters
Applicable Range Tinplate Pail and Tinplate Welding Ears
Applicable Diameter of Can 285mm
Applicable Height of Can 250-450mm(Special specification can be customized)
Product Application Paint Bucket, Machine Oil Pail and other Round Tinplate Pail with Ears
Distance From the Top to theCenterofEars 45-80mm( Adjustable)
Welding Current AC
Transformer Power 50kw/min
Min. Air Pressure 0.6MPa
Air Consumption 30L /min
Production Rate 35 cans/ minute
Electric Connection Three-phase four-wire, 380V,22mm²
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