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Easy Open End Pressure Tester

This GNY-1 easy open end pressure tester is used to detect compressive strength of easy open cans and the metal can body’s bottom.

This beverage can buckle tester uses a cylinder to tightly lock the easy open can end, and is reliable and easy to operate. Our buckle tester can also avoid loose sealing caused by manual operations. The value of the testing pressure is displayed on the digital pressure gauge on the pressure-proof tester, which is accurate and stable.

Technical Parameters
Air Source Pressure 0.6MPa-0.8Mpa
Max. Measuring Range 1.0Mpa
Sensitivity 1.0kpa
Measuring Accuracy 0.5%
Applicable Diameter of Cans 200# -401#
Power Supply AC220, V50Hz, R232 Connector
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