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Metal Can End Production Line

    1. CNC PressOur CNC press can be installed with 2 to 7 molds and stamps quickly, can prevent double sheets, overload and stacking, making it comparable to similar products on an international level.
    1. Curling MachineOur curling machine is used to curl metal can ends that have been processed via automatic or semi-automatic stamping machine. It is a kind of can end processing equipment that have the corresponding internal model changed to adapt to different metal can lids.
    1. Lining MachineOur automatic lining machine contains the curing equipment and is applicable to a variety of metal can end just by changing a few components. This can end liner is installed with PLC controls and all technical parameters meet advanced Chinese levels.
    1. Foil Assembling MachineThis machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices. Because of this, it not only features a quick mold changeover and low maintenance, it can also provide secure operation.
      This machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices.

Technological Process
Varnishing → Cutting → Stamping → Curling → Lining → Curing
We sell CNC presses, curling machines, lining machines, coating machines, curing ovens, metal can end collection machines, aerosol can end stamping machines, foil assembling machines, and other metal can making equipment. We can also customize equipment according to your specific needs.