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Metal Can End Production Line

    1. CNC PressOur CNC press can be installed with 2 to 7 molds and stamps quickly, can prevent double sheets, overload and stacking, making it comparable to similar products on an international level.
    1. Curling MachineOur curling machine is used to curl metal can ends that have been processed via automatic or semi-automatic stamping machine. It is a kind of can end processing equipment that have the corresponding internal model changed to adapt to different metal can lids.
    1. High Speed Lining Machine The high speed lining machine is suitable for water-based or oil-based lining compound (sealant), whose solid content is greater than 55%. It features 3-8 rotary compound injection guns and the production capacity is 300-2000 times/min, appropriate for processing aluminum caps or tinplate caps of Ø 50-153mm.
    1. Visual Inspection System Jorson's visual inspection system is designed to detect the defects in metal cans, lids or components.  With high precision, high speed and stable control system, the visual inspection 
    1. Induction OvenJorson induction oven is used for curing the sealing compound of metal lids.  It's designed with different  lengths according to different production speeds of the production lines. The induction oven features simple design, easy operations, energy saving and high efficiency.