Curing Oven

The curing oven is used to dry and solidify the coating liquid on the internal wall of the aluminum can with a high temperature. Our drying oven uses automatic temperature control technology and has a stable temperature.

Our curing oven can be connected to other devices to form an automatic assembly line, or it can be used separately.

1. Our rationally designed curing system has an excellent performance and can achieve a perfect transition on aluminum can’s internal walls.
2. As it's made from a new type of insulation materials, our curing oven saves energy.
3. Our industrial oven has motor frequency control.

Technical Parameters
Item No. XR06
Applicable Diameter of Aluminum Can 35-53mm
Curing Length ≤230mm
Production Rate 120 cans/ minute
Max. Temperature 300℃
Curing Time 12mins
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