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Easy Open Ends

Our Y202 easy-open ends are manufactured by the dedicated easy-open end production line imported from the US, which ensures that our easy-open can lid has ensured quality and stability. The engraved spray paint and electrophoresis spray paint maximally guarantee the integrity and corrosion resistance of our easy-open end's coatings.

We can provide different coatings and varnishes according to customers' diversified requirements. Our easy-open ends are suitable for cans filled with high-acid and high-sulfur products, such as tomato sauce, asparagus and sardines.

As we are constantly improving and perfecting our easy-open ends, the changes are subject to actual products. The followings are parameters of our easy-open end for dry powder can, EOE for ketchup can and EOE for fish or meat can.

Parameters of Easy-Open End
Name & Item No. 202 Easy Open End for Dry Powder Can (diameter:52mm) 202 Easy Open End for Ketchup Can (diameter:52mm) 202 Easy Open End for Fish or Meat Can (diameter:52mm)
Tin Coating E-25/E-25 E-25/E-25 E-25/E-25
Thickness 0.18mm 0.18mm 0.18mm
Hardness T4 T4 T4
Amount of Lacquer External Epoxy phenolic:5g/m2 Epoxy phenolic 7g/m2 Epoxy phenolic:7g/m2
Internal Epoxy phenolic 7g/m2 Epoxy phenolic 12g/m2 Aluminum powder+ organosol 17g/m2
Type of Lacquer PPG PPG PPG
Type of Compound Lining Grace Grace Grace
Pull/ Pop Force 20-25N/50-65N 20-25N/50-65N 20-25N/50-65N
Tab Thickness 0.34mm DR9 0.34mm DR9 0.34mm DR9
Packaging 107100/pallet, 24 pallets/20ftcontainer 107100/pallet, 24 pallets/20ftcontainer 107100/pallet, 24 pallets/20ftcontainer
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