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Foil Assembling Machine (Milk Powder Can Lid Assembly Machine)

This S-B40 (L, LL) foil assembling machine is used for assembling milk powder can lid. With its excellent quality and reliable performance, this assembly machinery is ideal for metal can end processing.

This machine is simply designed and equipped with safety devices. Because of this, it not only features a quick mold changeover and low maintenance, it can also provide secure operation.

Additionally, out lid assembling equipment comes with a foil waste collection machine, which ensures the workspace is clean and organized.

Mechanical Features
1. We use a hard chrome treatment on the metal contact face to prevent scratches.
2. Matching parts can easily and quickly be changed and adjusted.
3. Safety is ensured on this equipment, due to the safety devices equipped on the machine.
4. As it is configured with an automatic water collection device, this machine makes the working environment clean and organized, reducing labor costs.
5. The automatic spray paint device on this can production line guarantees the pressure ring’s aluminum foil is hard to break.
6. There is a circulating centralized lubrication system that requires very little maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Item No. S-B40 S-B40L S-B40LL
Applicable Diameter of cans 301 - 502 D 401 - 603 D 603 - 714 D
Production Rate Up to 100 cans/ minute Up to 80 cans/ minute Up to 60 cans/ minute
Foil Thickness 0.05 -0.10 mm
Required Horsepower 2HP × 1, 1/4HP × 1 3HP × 1, 1/4HP × 1
Required Compressed Air 3kg /cm2 ×50L/Min.
Dimension 1,465×1,040×1,650 mm 1,700×1,214×1,650 mm 2,100×1,500×1,700 mm
Weight 850 kg 1,000 kg 1,250 kg
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