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Monobloc Can Production Line

    1. Rumbling MachineOur rumbling machine is a piece of corollary equipment for an aluminum can production line, used for stirring the aluminum wafer with a release agent. The blending machine allows the aluminum sheet to be smoothly punched.
    1. Extrusion PressOur aluminum extruder generates aluminum wafers and features automatic feeding and stopping, as well as PLC control. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine.
    1. Trimming MachineOur trim machine generates qualified aluminum cans and features automatic feeding, stop and PLC control. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine. Our metal trimming machine can automatically load and unload cans, and will stop operating when there are no cans to be polished.
    1. Washing MachineOur XR03 washing machine is a piece of washing equipment that has an advanced PCL frequency control and is easy to operate, runs smoothly, and has an integral technological process.
    1. Accumulator ConveyorProduction Rate: 120 cans /minute
      Applicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: φ35- φ53mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: ≤230mm
      Max. Quantity of Accumulation: 1800 cans
    1. Internal Spray Coating MachineOur aluminum can internal coating machine is specially designed to meet hygiene requirements and an acid/base corrosion resistance. It can generate a layer of coating material to line the inner wall of the aluminum can to effectively isolate the aluminum from the contents of the can.
    1. Curing OvenThe curing oven is used to dry and solidify the coating liquid on the internal wall of the aluminum can with a high temperature. Our drying oven uses automatic temperature control technology and has a stable temperature.
    1. Base Printing MachineThis aluminum can printing machine has PLC control and features easy adjustment and a fast adjustment speed. This printing press can automatically load and unload cans, and will stop printing when defective metal cans are detected, or there are no aluminum cans to be printed.
    1. Six Color Printing MachineApplicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: φ11mm-φ38mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: 55mm-175mm
      Specific Requirements of Attached Devices
      Diameter of Core Rod: 12.25±0.02mm
    1. Varnishing MachineApplicable Diameter of Aluminum Can: Ø16 – Ø25 mm, Ø25 – Ø35 mm, Ø35 – Ø53 mm, Ø45 – Ø66 mm
      Applicable Length of Aluminum Can: L=75-150 mm, L=110-180 mm, L=90-230 mm, L=110-250 mm
    1. Drying OvenApplicable diameter of can: φ35-φ59mm
      Applicable length of can: ≤230mm
      Drying temperature:200°C
    1. Necking MachineOur necking machine vertically delivers metal cans and is used for aerosol necking, flanging, and both bottom and top seaming. Our electrical system is controlled using a Mitsubishi PLC control system.

We can provide turnkey projects within the monobloc can production line. Our high-quality aluminum can making equipment includes a rumbling machine, an extrusion press, a trimming machine, an inner spray coating machine, curing oven, an aluminum can printing machine, a six-color printing machine, a varnishing machine, an accumulator conveyor and a necking machine. With over 20 years of experience in the metal packaging industry, we highly recommend our aluminum can production line and able to offer excellent and affordable metal packaging solutions.