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Base Printing Machine

XR08 Aluminum Can Printer

Our XR08 printing machine can be used for printing or varnishing on cylindrical surfaces of aluminum cans. This aluminum can printing machine has PLC control and features easy adjustment and a fast adjustment speed. This printing press can automatically load and unload cans, and will stop printing when defective metal cans are detected, or there are no aluminum cans to be printed. This printing equipment can also be used as a stand-alone machine.

Technical Parameters
Item No. XR08
Applicable Diameter of Aluminum Can 16-25mm, 25-35mm, 35-53mm, 45-66mm
Printing Length 75-150mm, 110-180mm, 90-230mm, 110-250mm
Production Rate 120 cans/ minute
Total Power 4.45Kw / 5.15Kw
Inlet pressure ≥0.5MPa
Dimension (L×W×H) 2,750×2,330×1,760mm
Weight 4,500Kg
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