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Extrusion Press

The extrusion press is another piece of common equipment found in aluminum can production lines and achieves the extrusion forming of the aluminum wafer. Our aluminum extruder generates aluminum wafers and features automatic feeding and stopping, as well as PLC control. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine.

Our XR01 model extrusion press is a kind of horizontal machine tool, features high precision, high rigidity and high speed, while still having a great safety performance. Its electrical chain manipulation allows easier and more convenient operations, and the extrusion press’ stroke can be optionally stopped, as well as an easily adjusted mold.

Technical Parameters
Item No. XR01-350
Punching Force 3,500KN
Diameter of Aluminum Can Φ 35-59mm
Length of Aluminum Can ≤250mm
Production Rate 100-120 cans/minute
Total Power 37.58Kw
Inlet Pressure 0.7MPa
Dimension (L×W×H) 1,700×3,400×1,665mm
Weight 11,000Kg
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